Pine Lane, Winnetka, IL 60093



This beautiful 16,000 square foot suburban residence was built from scratch for an active family of six. LG effortlessly executed a complex basement and site excavation for this project to accommodate the sunken basketball court, indoor pool and a geothermal HVAC system. The suburban site brought unique challenges like working with the Department of Forestry to preserve certain landscaping elements, but it also provided great opportunities for seasonal rooms and cedar-lap siding not often found in the city.

Longtime partner Morgante-Wilson Architects acted as both architect and interior designer, allowing the client to take full advantage of each detail in their home. From highly-customized millwork to hidden library passages, this home is tailored to the client’s every wish.

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Hermes, Moncler, Bonpoint, Loro Piana & Oliver Peoples, Chicago, IL 60611

25 East Oak
Chicago, IL 60611

Gold Coast

LG Construction + Development worked with Jenel Management to convert this 170,000 square foot building from a single retail tenant into seven individual, high-end, retail units. The loading dock was also converted and built out into a retail unit for the popular, high-end, Oliver Peoples. The entire façade construction was successfully completed during the interior buildout, and the remainder of the building, including facade, electrical, and structural elements, were fully updated for commercial use.

Additionally, the entire façade construction was successfully completed during the interior build-out of Oliver Peoples.

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North Dayton Street II, Chicago, IL 60614

Old Town

This custom three story, 6 bedroom/4.5 bathroom single family residence features an in-home golf target, high-end millwork, marble throughout the kitchen and expansive back patio.

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Brown Bag Seafood, Chicago, IL 60601

340 East Randolph Street
Chicago, IL 60601



Brown Bag Seafood is located at the active intersection on Randolph at Millennium Park. Our LG commercial restaurant building team completed this 2,000 square foot casual dining eatery with a compressed schedule the total project duration is less than 4 months. All of the millwork and custom seating was built on site, creating a comfortable, rustic feel. Working with Northworks Architects + Planners, we were able to build an intimate space while still hosting the amenities of a larger restaurant.

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