LG Development Group

Our broad expertise, strong financial relationships, and customer service-driven approach have contributed to our success and allowed us to build a varied portfolio of unique projects extending across Chicagoland’s most attractive neighborhoods.

The LG Development portfolio has expanded from boutique single family homes to large residential and commercial multi-unit buildings; developing over $600 million in properties spanning more than two million square feet.

Our methodology is different from other developers; we oversee the development process from the perspective of an owner as well as an investor. We’re passionate about creating environments that connect communities and we’re constantly raising the bar as a premier development firm. Our success is a direct result to our ability to identify unique opportunities, envision a new future for the property, and unlock the project’s potential by seamlessly executing the development at every stage.

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LG Development Clients

All of our developments have one common theme: comfortable and sustainable environments. We understand the direct impact on resources; therefore, we strive to save our clients’ time, reduce costs, and produce innovative solutions to complex challenges throughout all the stages of the build.

Through the building journey, we’re ready to assist and answer any questions from our clients. We want to maximize quality of the product just as much as the client, so we take everything into consideration; no request is too small.

With construction, any number of unforeseen challenges can arise, which is why we’re on site until every item on our checklist is completed to the client’s standard.

LG Development Investors

Through more than a decade of experience, we’ve fostered strong relationships with top performing real estate agents and financial experts, giving us a core set of guiding principles to conduct an in-depth market analysis of the risks and rewards, anticipate future trends, and target investments with low volatility and high returns.

Our development team facilitates an efficient, defined process for reviewing prospective acquisitions, building purchases, addressing zoning and neighborhood considerations, and evaluating construction costs.

This thorough upfront attention to detail results in strong performance throughout the economic cycle and ensures maximum revenue from each project.


LG Development Brochure