Design Build

  1. Assemble Project Team.

    Recommend and participate in the meeting and hiring of architects, interior designers, engineers, and permit expeditors. Assist with contract negotiations and definition of scope of work.

  2. Define project scope and budget.

    Facilitate the development of the home parameters (size, beds, bath, etc) and goal budget.

  3. Create the conceptual design.

    Generate a “wish list” of home features, attributes, and finishes and define the style/theme of the home. Sketch floor plans provided by the architect and finishes options.

  4. Formalize the detailed design.

    Manage the creation of computer based blueprints / floor plans. Begin the finishes selection process (tile, etc). Iteratively price designs and establish comparative options to align with the budget.

  5. Value Engineering.

    Work with the project team and LG sub-contractors and suppliers to optimize the value of the design and finishes within the budget.

  6. Entitlements and permitting.

    Work with and guide the building permit process with permit expediters and the City of Chicago.

  7. Construction Management / General Contracting.

    Oversee all aspects of construction, including project schedule, sub-contracting of labor, ordering of materials, and on-site quality assurance and safety.

Construction – Pre-Construction


Success starts before the start. Before lifting a single shovel or driving a single nail, we make sure we – and you – know exactly what we’re going to do. You’ll be confident we’ll get the big picture right, and every last detail. LG’s pre-construction checklist covers every professional and every item every step of the way, including:


  • Assembling the right project team, from architects to attorneys, designers and engineers, realtors and inspectors, builders and finishers
  • Defining the scope and budget of your project, creating the design concept, and formalizing the blueprints
  • Securing all necessary permits, ordering materials, establishing the building schedule, and ensuring on-site safety


You’ll be involved and informed at every stage, and have the peace of mind that comes from knowing there will be no surprises. A satisfied customer is our number one priority.